SAGE Show Virtual FAQ




SAGE Show Virtual FAQ


Q. Do I need to be a varied Promotional Products Distributor to attend SAGE Show Virtual.

A. Yes. When logging into the show you may receive a message that your show registration is being validated to ensure that you are a qualified member of the promotional products industry (unusually this takes only 5-10).  If you are not automatically allowed in after that time, and you are a valid promotional products Distributor, contact us at 800.925.7243 option 6, then option 1, or email us at 

Q. How to log in to SAGE Show Virtual.

A.  You should have received an email with a link that will take you to the Show automatically (note do not share this link it is unique to you).  Alternatively you can login directly using your SAGE Login ID and password.

Q. I don't know my Login ID or I don't know my password.

A.  If you do not know your login ID and password and you can't find the email we sent you with the link to login, click the "forgot password" link on the login page or contact us at 214.631.6000 option 3 or email

Q. Will attendees be able to come to the show after it closes?

A. No. Just like an in person event SAGE Show Virtual is an interactive event with set hours.

Q. As an attendee will my contact information be kept private or shared with Exhibitors.

A. When logging in you may set your privacy preferences (or adjust in settings later).  For whether you want to provide your contact information with Exhibitors when just visiting a booth.  Note if you select the virtual "scan me" option, this will of course always provide your contact information.  If you wish to change the email address from your default you my also do so if you wish to use a separate email just for the show by clicking on My Profile.

Q. When I make notes during the show, how do I get the information after the show?

A.  You may export the notes by loggin into SAGE Online or SAGE Mobile, or by selecting My Profile and then Export.

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