Suggestions for suppliers to increase your number of ratings.




The best way to ensure your ratings accurately reflect your performance is have as many ratings as possible in the various SAGE services.


Not only do ratings showcase your stellar performance, but they also allow you to improve your customer service and establish trust with potential new business. Here are few suggestions on how to remind your customers to leave ratings in SAGE:
1.    Train your customer service and sales personnel to encourage your customers to rate your company in SAGE Online™, SAGE Web™, and SAGE Mobile™.  You can make this part of your standard phone call procedures. 

2. You can add the SAGE “Rate Us Now” logo and link to your email signatures and website to give distributors a quick and highly visible way to rate you. When distributors click on the logo, they will be asked to enter their login ID and password to be directed to the ratings area. See Adding the SAGE "Rate Us Now" logo and link to your email signature or website..

3. You can also remind distributors via social media, blog posts, and e-newsletters to leave ratings in SAGE. If you send out catalogs or other printed marketing materials during the year, include a statement asking your customer to take a minute to rate you, to periodically remind your customers the importance of rating you.

4. To further boost your number of SAGE ratings, you can include a statement encouraging the distributor to rate you on your invoices, in your “thank you” letters, “thank you” emails, in a feedback form or survey, or in any other correspondence that you send to your customers after an interaction.

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