FAQ: SAGE Mobile




Frequently Asked Questions about SAGE Mobile.


Q: What devices are supported?

A: The following iOS devices are supported.

iPhone 5 or higher
iPad (4th generation or later)
iPad Air (all models)
iPad Mini (2nd generation or later)
iPad Pro (all models)
iPod Touch (6th generation or later)

For all devices, iOS version 10.0 or later.

The following Android devices are supported.

Phones, tablets, and players running Android version 6.1 or higher.

The Barnes and Noble Nook HD/Nook HD+ or newer, and Kindle Fire with the latest operating system will run SAGE Mobile.  Note that some of these devices do not have a rear facing camera so any functions requiring a camera will be disabled in the app (e.g. capturing product images in the tradeshow area, etc.)

Q: Does SAGE Mobile support mobile payment processing?

A: Yes!  If you subscribe to SAGE Payment Processing you may process credit card transaction from SAGE Mobile.

Q: Does the Tradeshow Planning feature require an internet connection?

A: You need to be connected to the internet the first time you open the show, but we realize many times in convention centers and other venues where shows are held, you may not have cell coverage.  Once the initial data is downloaded, other operations will be cached and SAGE Mobile will operate offline until the connection is restored.

Q: Is a subscription to SAGE Online (the desktop version of SAGE) required for SAGE Mobile?

A:  With a SAGE Total Access subscription, each user can install SAGE Online or SAGE Mobile on up to a total of five (5) devices.  Each named user (i.e., person) will need their own license. Many areas also stay in sync with SAGE Online, including the Tradeshow Planning area and it's content, Presentations, Order Management, etc.

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