FAQ: Domain Hosting and DNS




Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and information about domain names.


Q. Is SAGE a domain reseller?

A. SAGE utilizes the Network Solutions Partner Program to provide domain name registration solutions to our customers. 

Q. When I purchase my domain name, will I have access to edit/change domain records?

A. Domain names are managed by SAGE through our partner portal with Network Solutions.  If you need to edit or change DNS records, please contact us at 800.925.7243 option 3 or by emailing support@sageworld.com.

Q. If my domain name is registered with SAGE, am I allowed to host my emails or website elsewhere?

A. Absolutely.  You have the freedom to host your website or email wherever you wish to do so. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Q. What if I need custom DNS records for my domain such at TXT records required for hosted Microsoft Exchange installations or other specific DNS records?

A. Custom DNS records are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, one of our Senior Level Technicians will be glad help you evaluate the options for your situation. You will want to have your plan in place prior to making any transfers of your domain, for some complex setups and to avoid downtime you may want to avoid changing your DNS provider.

Q. Can forward our SAGE registered domain name(s) to different addresses?

A. Yes.  There is currently no extra charge for domain name forwarding.

Q. What’s the process if I want to transfer registration to SAGE?

A. To transfer your domain to SAGE, we will first need an “Authorization Key” from your current domain name registrar and make sure your name is unlocked. You can acquire this by giving them a call or using their online form and requesting that information (the exact process varies by registrar, contact your current registrar or see their documentation for more information). After you have obtained the Authorization Key, we will be able to start the migration process. Also be aware that your name can not be up for renewal within 30 days, or transferred within the previous 90 days.

Q. What’s the process if we want to transfer our domain name away from SAGE to another registrar?

A. To transfer your domain name away from SAGE, you will need request an “Authorization Key” from us. We will provide you with the key and "unlock" your domain to allow the transfer.  You may use the Authorization Key following their instructions to complete your transfer.

Q. When we move our domain name registration to SAGE, will there be any downtime? What can I expect?

A. When moving any domain to a new registrar, unfortunately some transition time is unavoidable. Usually, the process takes anywhere from 24-48 hours to complete and the new domain settings "propagate" out to the DNS servers across the internet.

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