Setup SAGE Chat for use with your Website




How do I setup the Chat function on my website with SAGE Chat.


1. Install SAGE Chat

You will need to install SAGE Chat on any computer that will need access.

  1a. Go to:   SAGEMember.

  1b. Log in using your Login ID.  If you do not know your Login ID and password, please email us or give us a call and we can re-send your login information to your main account contact, or if you already have a Login ID, use the "Forgot your password" link to reset your password).

  1c. In the menu on the left side, click Support and then Downloads

  1d. Click on the file SAGEChatSetup.exe.  When asked whether you want to save or open the file, choose to run the file.

  1e. Follow the prompts to install.

  1f.  After installation, launch SAGE Chat.  It is designed to run in the background and you access SAGE Chat by double-clicking on its icon in the notification area by the clock on the Windows Taskbar.

2. Setup Users

You will need to setup a User Account for each person who will be responding to SAGE Chat sessions. 

See: How to create a New User

3. Setup an Inbound Call Group in SAGE Chat

The system supports setting up groups to handle specific types of requests.  For instance you may setup "Accounts Receivable", "Customer Service", etc.  If you do not setup groups, anyone logged into SAGE Chat will receive the SAGE Chat chat request.

  3a. Click on the SAGE Chat icon in the notification area by the clock on the Windows Taskbar.

  3b. In the SAGE Chat window click the menu icon on the toolbar (it looks like three dots), then Settings.

  3c. Click the Inbound Call Groups tab.

  3d. Click New, then give the group a name in the "Group Name" field under Group Details.

  3e. Select any users that should be a part of the Group by checking the box next to their user name (this list will be the users you defined in Step 2 above).

  3f. Repeat steps 3d-3e until you are satisfied with the Call Groups, then Click OK when finished.

4.  SAGE Chat is now configured

Remember that all users who want to answer SAGE Chat chat requests need to have SAGE Chat running and connected to the server.  SAGE Chat itself does not have to be open on the screen.  When a new chat request comes in, you will see an alert in the lower-right corner of your screen.  If the request is a group request, the first person clicking on the alert will be connected (alerts to other users will be cancelled).

5. Setup your Website for use with SAGE Chat.

  5a. Go to:   SAGEMember and Login.

  5b. Go to the Left Side Navigation and choose Website and then Site Settings in the dropdown.

  5c. On the Site Settings choose Header and Footer in the top Navigation, and scroll down to option 10.

  5d. Set Live Chat to Show and choose the Inbound Call group you setup above in SAGE Chat.

  5e. Click SAVE at the bottom. SAGE Chat is now configured for use with your website.

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