How to create a New User




How do I create a new user for my employee's or colleagues to access my SAGE Products.


Creating the User Account

1.  Login to SAGEMember using your SAGE account number and administrator password (or another Login ID that has administrative privileges).

2.  Click on the Users tab.

3.  Click on Add New User (note: to edit an existing user click Edit next to the user's information).

4.  Fill in the user's information.  Fields denoted with an * are required, other fields are optional.

5.  In the "Login Settings" section assign the user a Login ID by typing a new ID in the Login ID field (this can be any combination of letters or numbers, the user's first initial and last name generally makes a good ID).  Note that 4 or 5 digit numbrs CANNOT be login IDs.

6.  Assign the user a password by typing it in the Password fields (this can be any combination of letters or numbers and must be at least 6 characters with no spaces).

7.  Under Access Rights, check the boxes for the modules to which this account needs access.  Make sure SAGE Supplier Center is checked to give the user access to SAGE Supplier Center.

8.  Give the user the new Login ID and Password.

More Information:

For access to and SAGE Chat you will not need an Additional User License. However for all other SAGE Products you will need to contact your Account Representative to purchase a license for your new User.

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