Promo Live

Wednesday, August 21, 2024

An Interactive Online Promo Event

Distributor Registration

What's Promo Live?
Discover the magic of Promo Live on August 21, 2024! For three decades, we've been on a mission to unite distributors and suppliers in the promo industry. Now, brace yourselves for the ultimate online promo event - Promo Live, presented by SAGE! Gear up for an experience like no other, where suppliers will unveil their latest products and spill the beans on creative selling tactics. But wait, it's not a one-sided conversation! You can interact with fellow distributors during our discussions, brainstorm ideas and throw questions at presenters.  What's more, if you see a supplier whose products catch your eye, you can meet with them individually to discuss upcoming projects, partnerships, and other exciting opportunities. So, circle the date on your calendar, get ready to spark connections, and let's boost our industry with the electrifying energy of Promo Live!

Who Can Attend?
Well, anyone! As long as you're a verified promotional product distributor,  you and your team can attend for free! It's true! There's no charge to you!

Where Is It?
Promo Live utilizes the SAGE Digital Events platform, an all-inclusive platform that provides an opportunity to connect and interact with other distributors, suppliers, and presenters all in one place. Once you register, you'll receive a single link in your email that grants access to the show once it opens. There's no need to keep track of multiple Zoom links or worry about juggling several logins. Everything you need to participate in Promo Live will be readily available in one easy-to-use platform.

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