Promo Live

August 30-31, 2022

An Interactive Online Promo Event

Distributor Registration

What's Promo Live?
Join us on August 30th and 31st to hear from supplier partners as they share new products, creative ways to sell their products, and highlight their best sellers for the upcoming holiday season. During our discussions, you can chime in and interact with the presenters and fellow distributors to brainstorm ideas, ask questions, and more! Plus, if you like a supplier's products, you can meet with them individually to discuss upcoming projects, partnerships, and more. 

Who Can Attend?
Well, anyone! As long as you're a verified promotional product distributor, you and your team can attend for free! It's true! There's no charge to you!

Where Is It?
Promo Live will use the SAGE Digital Events platform. This excellent all-in-one platform allows you to interact with other distributors, suppliers, and presenters. Once registered, you'll receive a link in your email to access the show once it opens - no need to keep track and juggle multiple Zoom links!

Find Your Company

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