How Supplier Ratings Work




How does the SAGE supplier rating system work?


Distributors can rate industry suppliers using SAGE's instant supplier rating service.  There is an overall supplier rating and five optional categories to provide additional details, which include:

-Customer Service:  How you would rate the supplier's overall customer service and communication.

- Problem Resolution:  Satisfaction related to concerns raised during the transaction in question (only if applicable).

The distributor must have placed an order to rate on these criteria:

- Delivery:  Your impression of the delivery process.  Were published or agreed upon shipping schedules met?  Was packaging adequate?  Please do not consider carrier delays.

- Product Quality:  Quality of the product relative to your expectations based upon price, product photos, or samples.

- Decoration Quality:  Quality of the decoration (imprinting, personalization, etc.) relative to your expectations based upon imprint method, product photos, or samples.

For any area that is not applicable, the distributor can choose N/A to skip that category.

Distributors may rate suppliers using SAGE Online™, SAGE Mobile™ and SAGE Web™, or via the "Rate us now" link that is available for suppliers to provide to their customers.

When a distributor rates a supplier using any of these methods, the rating is instantly averaged with all the ratings from other SAGE distributors who have rated that supplier.  The average overall rating is displayed in SAGE Online™, SAGE Mobile™ and SAGE Web™ for other distributors to see along with the total number of reports.   The number of reports will increase as distributors rate the supplier.  Note that the number of reports will not increase when suppliers are re-rated by the same distributor, since the new rating replaces the old rating.  The optional categories do not affect the overall rating given by the distributor.

The rating details show a rating history graph.  Note the red trend line on the history graph is computed based on the most recent 12 months.  In addition, the rating details display a positive/negative summary chart of ratings placed in the past 7 days, past 30 days and past 12 months.

The reporting system is updated in real-time and distributors may change their rating at any time.  Changes are instantly reflected in the supplier's average.  Each distributor may rate each supplier only one time.  Therefore, when a distributor changes a supplier's rating, the old rating is removed from the average and the new one is added to the average.

The rating is based on the standard A+ to F system and the optional 5 criteria range from poor to great.  If a distributor gives a supplier a "F" rating and rates “poor” on all 5 categories, the system will remind the distributor to rate the supplier in good faith on each of the respective categories (as it is unlikely that a supplier truly warrants a “poor” rating in every category).  Distributors are encouraged to rate all suppliers that they have worked with in the past.  However, the rating system is voluntary.

Distributors can post comments in addition to their overall rating and optional categories.  Comments are publicly available for the supplier and other distributors to see.  Suppliers receive daily notifications of any ratings and comments made that day and can respond to comments through the SAGE Supplier Center, which is also publicly available for other distributors to see.  This allows other distributors to see the full picture when deciding how much influence to give a rating.

Distributors may also provide the date of the related interaction with the supplier, order number and their contact information so that the supplier can follow-up with them.  We encourage distributors to provide comments and their contact information to provide the most helpful information possible to suppliers.

In computing the supplier's aggregate ratings, ratings where the related interaction with the supplier is in the previous 2 years are used.  Ratings where the related interaction is older than 2 years will remain in the system, but will not be part of the supplier's ratings unless and until the distributor goes in to review and update the rating date based on a new interaction with the supplier. 

Please keep in mind that the ratings reflect subjective views of distributors in the industry.  SAGE does not add its own ratings and has no influence on the system.  Ratings are not adjusted or otherwise influenced in any way based on whether the supplier advertises with us or otherwise pays for SAGE services.  SAGE will not remove any ratings that have been legitimately posted by a distributor in good faith, since the ratings in that case do reflect that distributor's legitimate viewpoint.  SAGE does investigate any allegation that a rating appears to be made by mistake or is otherwise suspicious.  For example, if the supplier has never had any contact with the distributor that rated them.  SAGE does not arbitrate disputes among suppliers and distributors.

Suppliers are encouraged to follow the steps in the knowledge base article below to get as many ratings as possible.  Having a lot of ratings will help ensure that the supplier's average ratings stay consistent.

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