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This article describes how suppliers can verify their products in the SAGE research tools using the SAGE Supplier Center.


Verified by Supplier is a data certification that shows a distributor that the supplier has reviewed the product data and given it their seal of approval. Supplier Advantage members can easily update and verify their product information using the SAGE Supplier Center 24/7. Once verified, products will carry the "Verified by Supplier" data certification logo in our various research tools, including our industry-leading SAGE Online distributor research tool.

Products that have been verified also have increased visibility in SAGE. Since distributors rely on this certification to know that the information found in our research tools is accurate, it's an important part of our Best Match search algorithm and directly affects product visibility in SAGE. We have search filters available to distributors so they can only show products that are verified. Therefore, it is extremely important for suppliers to verify their product information and ensure that the information stays up to date throughout the year.

Once the supplier information is verified, it's very important to ensure that it stays up to date, and to honor pricing that may be incorrect in SAGE. Habitual failure to do so may result in products being unverified, or losing the ability to Verify products at all, which directly affects product visibility in SAGE search results. The product information in SAGE is the supplier's responsibility, and suppliers are expected to honor Verified pricing in SAGE. This is also reiterated in our Customer Agreement. To make it easy we offer four different product update methods and unlimited, 24/7 access to the SAGE Supplier Center.

Here are the steps used to verify your products in the SAGE Supplier Center:

1. If you are not already a SAGE Advantage member, you will need to become one in order to verify your products. Visit SAGE World or contact your account executive at 800.925.7243 for more information on the numerous advantages of becoming a SAGE Advantage member.

2. Review Installing the SAGE Supplier Center for instructions on downloading the SAGE Supplier Center. The SAGE Supplier Center is what you will use to access our system and verify your information. If you already have this program downloaded, continue to the next step.

3. Log in to the SAGE Supplier Center and click on Supplier Profile and Catalog in the top left. From there, click on the Catalog tab. If you have products that need to be verified, there will be a red bar shown across the bottom of your screen.

4. Confirm that the catalog we have listed is your most recent catalog. If it is not, follow the given instructions on the right to update your catalog. Your products will be verified automatically as you update your catalog. For detailed instructions, please review the training video: How to Update Catalogs to a New Year.

5. If the catalog we have listed is the right one, but the expiration date needs to be extended, click Edit to adjust the expiration date of the catalog and then save your changes. In this case, you still need to follow the step below to verify if they weren't verified the previous year.

6. To review and verify your products, click Edit Products. From there, you will see a list of all your products. At the bottom right of your screen, there's a checkbox you can use to show only unverified products. Click on any product to view it. Review all information, especially the pricing, to confirm it's correct and click Save and Verify in the bottom left. As you go through your products, they will automatically become verified as you save each one. When you return to the list, you will see a red check mark next to the items that have been verified.

7. Once you are finished reviewing and verifying all your products, exit the SAGE Supplier Center. You can always return to the SAGE Supplier Center at any time to add to or update your information in real-time.

If you're familiar with our Bulk Product Update option, you can also utilize that to Verify your products by changing all products to "True" in column DP. Should you choose to verify your products using Bulk Product Update, proceed with caution as it's easy to overlook incorrect information in that format. Regardless of the method used to verify your products, you will be expected to honor that pricing, even if it's incorrect.

If you have any questions about updating or verifying your products, we offer unlimited, complimentary training and support. Please reach out to our supplier training team, or visit SAGE World for details.

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