How to submit your product information to SAGE using Bulk Product Update




Bulk Product Update allows you to easily upload your product information to SAGE for expedited entry into the SAGE database.  Bulk Product Update is available for all SAGE Advantage Members at no additional cost.


Complete the following steps:

1. Download the Excel file of your current listings from SAGE Supplier Center.  You will find this in the Supplier Profile and Catalog area, Catalog tab, and then Bulk Update button.  If you do not have SAGE Supplier Center installed see How to Access SAGE Supplier Center.  If you do not have any products listed, you will see a blank template.  In this case, we highly recommend asking our information services team to add a few of your products for you before you attempt to use Bulk Product Update so that you can see how the data is entered into each field.

2. Review Instructions for editing Bulk Product Update Excel files regarding how to edit the file.   THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  FAILURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS WILL MOST LIKELY RESULT IN AN ERROR THAT WILL CAUSE YOUR UPDATE SUBMISSION TO FAIL.

3. Carefully edit the Excel file making any changes needed to update your information.

4. Upload the modified Excel chart using SAGE Supplier Center along with any image files (see the Instructions for editing Bulk Product Update Excel files for image specs).  If you have a traditional printed or PDF catalog, click on "Upload Your PDF catalog" to submit a PDF of your catalog after submitting your Bulk Product Update.

5. During the submission process, the system will do some automatic verification of the data.  If immediate problems are identified, you will be notified on screen so you may correct the issues and re-upload.

6. Once the submission is accepted SAGE staff will review your submission.

7. If there is an issue, SAGE will contact you via email with details.  You may either resubmit it for Bulk Product Update entry once the issue is fixed or submit your information for regular processing. See How to add your products to the SAGE research tools

Once your submission is processed by SAGE (please allow up to one business day), your updates will be live in all of our research tools in real-time.  If you need to make real-time edits to your information, please use the SAGE Supplier Center or the Supplier Direct Connect, both of which provide real-time editing of your data.

If you re-submit while your previous submission is still pending approval, your new submission will overwrite the pending one.

More Information:

If you have any questions regarding Bulk Product Update, please don't hesitate to contact an information services expert.  We would be happy to help you out!

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