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This article discusses the various ways for suppliers to add their product information into the SAGE research tools.

Option 1: Update Your Information Using FastTrack

Update your product information by the next business day with our FastTrack service. This spreadsheet-based process is the fastest and easiest way to update your catalog! With FastTrack, you can download your current product listings in Excel format, make changes, and re-upload them to the SAGE Supplier Center for priority processing by the next business day.  How to submit your product information to SAGE using FastTrack.

Option 2: Update Your Information in Real Time Using The SAGE Supplier Center

As a valued SAGE Advantage member, you have the ability to review, update and verify your supplier information and products in real time using the SAGE Supplier Center. You can access the SAGE Supplier Center at any time throughout the year to update pricing or other information on a product-by-product basis. You can enter and verify all of your product information, extend the expiration date for your catalog, upload catalog page images, upload product images and much more.  Many distributors will ONLY search for products that have been verified, so it's important to make sure that you have verified all of your products.  For more information, please see:

Installing the SAGE Supplier Center
Electronic image specifications for supplier catalogs
How to verify your products in the SAGE research tools
SAGE Product Data Field Layout

Option 3: Back-End Integration With The SAGE Supplier Integration Toolkit

Perfect for larger supplier companies with IT staff, this full-featured API integrates seamlessly into your own system and gives you complete control over your product information. It also gives you the ability to post inventory levels, add order tracking, product data updates, order status updating, distributor verification, order download and payment processing integration.

Contact your supplier account representative for more information about the Supplier Integration Toolkit.

Option 4: Send Product Information to SAGE for entry by a SAGE Content Specialist

Our expert content specialist team will gladly enter your product information in SAGE free of charge as a service to the industry.   NOTE: If you need your information to be updated in real-time or an expedited basis, please choose one of the other options above.  For better image quality, we prefer that you provide hi-res electronic catalog and product images.  See Guidelines for submitting electronic images to SAGE for inclusion in the SAGE research tools for more information.  If electronic images aren’t available, send your catalog with industry-coded pricing to:

ATTN: Information Services – SAGE #xxxxx
16301 Quorum Drive Ste. 200A
Addison, TX 75001

More Information:
If you are not yet a SAGE Advantage member, please visit or call your supplier account executive at 800.925.7243 for more information about the many benefits of the SAGE Advantage Membership.

Please remember to send us any flyers, special offers or other marketing materials that you have at any time during the year.  Our research tools are updated in real-time every day and we want to make sure we always have your most up-to-date information in our system.

If you are using the same catalog as you used last year (i.e., extending the expiration date), you can update it via SAGE Supplier Center, email, call 800.925.7243 (ask for Information Services) or include a note to that effect with your catalog.

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