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Frequently Asked Questions about SAGE ShowLink.


Q: How will I get my leads after the show with ShowLink?

A: You will go to www.sagemember.com to access your leads and download reports.  You may also export the lead list from your mobile device. See Exporting Leads from a Show in ShowLink for more information.

Q: Can I use my device's camera to scan badges or do I have to have a scanner?

A: Yes, both the iOS/Android app support scanning badges (see device requirements below) with the device's camera.

Q: So if I have the latest version of Showlink for iOS or Android, do I need a scanner?

A: The Bluetooth scanner is optional.  Users may still want to use a scanner.  Some users find that it is easier to use scanner with a tablet, and/or they may want to leave the device mounting in a stand, etc.

Q: What mobile devices are supported?

A: The following iOS devices are supported (5-megapixel or higher rear facing auto-focus camera or Bluetooth scanner required.  Some features require a camera.).

iPhone 5 or higher
iPad (4th generation or later)
iPad Air (all models)
iPad Mini (2nd generation or later)
iPad Pro (all models)
iPod Touch (6th generation or later)

For all devices, iOS version 10.0 or later.

Android devices with a 5-megapixel or greater rear facing auto-focus camera is required (Amazon Fire devices are not supported).

For all devices, minimum Android version 5.0+ or higher.

Q: Can I use any scanner with the iOS/Android app?

A: No.  The apps were designed specifically to integrate with the Socket Mobile scanner, which we sell.  This is a small Bluetooth wireless scanner that is easy to travel with and use. 

Q: Does ShowLink work at every show?

A: ShowLink can read barcodes from the attendee’s badge provided they contain the necessary data.  For a list of shows that have used compatible badges in the past, please click here http://sageworld.com/supplier/showlink-tradeshows.php

Q: Can I use ShowLink on multiple devices in my booth?

A: Absolutely.  ShowLink works great with multiple scanning devices.  When scanning from multiple devices, all of your leads will be aggregated into one list automatically for reporting.  Each device needs its own ShowLink device license (and scanner if you are using scanners).  So you will just need to purchase as many licenses and scanners as you need. 

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